Brand activations

DUPLAYS works with brands and their agencies to produce sports experiential and event marketing programs across United Arab Emirates. We engage and activate consumers through memorable sports experiences that deliver real results.

At DUPLAYS, we help organizations who need an edge. We collaborate as an extension of your team to help create, plan and produce experiential sports marketing activations that pique curiosity and influence consumer behavior.

And we’ve been doing it since 2007.

From complete campaigns to individual event support services, we bring our partners the ideas, resources and know-how to deliver remarkable brand experiences that achieve real results.

And not to forget we have over 100,000 members.

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Corporate Wellness programs

Who says corporate wellness has to be so boring?

Combining holistic health and sports, we’re mobilizing employees to be their healthiest, most inspired selves. DUPLAYS takes care of your company's most important asset, its people, by breaking down holistic wellness, making it attainable and accessible for everyone.


We’re here to support you so you can do your job better. We know! HR professionals are busy bees. Ongoing support, Inter-office marketing collateral, and strategic planning are just a few ways we'll be here for you.



Some things we examine are employee satisfaction, affinity towards employer, overall happiness, sense of self-empowerment, increased energy, and change in healthy behavior.

We also measure participation and proudly benchmark an engagement rate well above the industry standard.. Habits are healthier, fun is had, and in the end, everyone is more present, productive, and proactive at work – which, for you, means a more motivated workforce, and a better bottom line.

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Government Initiatives

We work very closely with government organizations in their community development programs.

These programs engage the community of different ages to learn about the importance of sports to their well being as well as learning the basic skills and rules for different sports.

A lot of these programs also target young women allowing them to learn about new sports and fitness activities or to encourage them to keep participating in these activities. Another group that is actively engaged is blue collar workers, whether it’s a health assessment or giving them a platform to play sports with different incentives.

Our team works closely with Government departments on developing ideas and then takes care of the entire execution of the project.

DUPLAYS has actively worked with the Dubai & Abu Dhabi Sports Councils, RTA, Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies Sports Academy, Al Jalila Cultural Center for Children and many others

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Team building

Build your winning team on and off the pitch!

The best teams don’t just work together, they play together too! Team Building can make even the most reclusive teams step out of their cubicle and into the world. It allows them to chance to breathe, work together, communicate better, and enjoy each others company

Whether entertaining 15 or 1,500+, the key to any successful team building is a positive shared experience. DUPLAYS team buildings are guaranteed to be fun and memorable for EVERYBODY in attendance by delivering an activity which is:

  • Extremely fun, sophisticated & challenging
  • Fully customized for your specific attendees and goals
  • Ideal for diverse audiences, regardless of age, managerial level or background
  • Highly adaptable to your venue of choice
  • Available year-round, day or night, indoor or at a beach

Our extensive experience in organizing adults sports leagues helps us to deliver active & fun team buildings, but also our brand serves as validation to your employees that the upcoming team building is not to be missed.

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