DUPLAYSSTORIES: Die tells us about the passion of his life

We sat down with Die, the footballer from our league, and he shared his story of how he got to play in our football community, why he loves it and what makes the game to be the best way to stay active. “My team Cobra Kai exists for 3-4 years, but I have joined later, about ten months ago, as soon as I moved to Dubai actually. Our team is mostly Danish, I am from Denmark myself, but we have a Swedish guy, dudes from states and UK. I am very passionate about football, for me, it’s a great mix of ex... Read More

October 09 2017 | 12:00

DUPLAYSSTORIES: Professional Camera & Beach Volleyball

We sat down with Gamal, and he shared his story of how he started playing volleyball, found out about DUPLAYS and became a member of the largest sports community.   “I am playing volleyball in DUPLAYS league for five months now, never played this sport before. It was a funny story how I decided to join. I live by Barasti, and I was watching all the time people playing from my balcony, and after two years I finally decided why not to join myself. I do professional photography, so luckily I had a camera at home, so I just zoomed in and saw DUPLAYS name on th... Read More

September 18 2017 | 12:00