DUPLAYS Stories - Super Tender

Team Super Tender plays for a few sesons in our beach volleyball leagues, and we were always wondering why they have picked such a fun name. We finally asked the captain Kelvin for clarification.   So Kavin, why Super Tender?   Hmm, not sharing, that’s the inside joke). One of my teammates came up with the name, and we kept it as it is since we first joined DUPLAYS leagues in 2008.   Have you been p... Read More

June 19 2018 | 12:00

Where to watch World Cup in Dubai?

Attention, football fans out there! We've partnered up with 4 great places where you can watch the matches with your buddies, support your fav teams and get good deals on food and beverages. Don't forget: you get 20% off with DUPLAYS app.  Book your table at Le Petit Belge 'JLT', Le Petit Belge 'Motor City', Mason Mathis 'Arabian Ranches', Belgian Beer Cafe 'Madinat Jumeirah'. Check out what's special at each venue!            1. Le Petit Belge... Read More

June 09 2018 | 12:00